Night and Day. Watched it go down gonna see it come up. #nightmoves

New Here’s Resolution

Forgive me, but I never really made a new year’s resolution. I kind of let it slide on by. But after watching cameronchristopher's year video collage, I've decided that I will film one thing everyday for as long as I can. Let's say for the next 100 days. Thanks cameronchristopher for the inspiration. Your video made me realize some of the beauty that I had been forgetting.

Not Animal

Listening to Margot and the Nuclear So-And-So’s Not Animal and I’m struck by various details of its release. So in 2008, Indiana Indie rockers Margot and The Nuclear So-And-So’s signed a major label contract with Epic Records. Get this — So after finishing the recording process, the label wants a particular tracklist to this new record tentatively called ‘Animal’. And while the band has a different idea of the tracklist, the label allows for both to co-exist. In 2008, Epic issued Animal, the bands ideal tracklist and Not Animal, the label’s. And between the two, Not Animal and Animal, each has a few songs that the other one doesn’t.

Rifling through eBay, I’m finding that vinyl copies of this record fetch a pretty penny. I’m never sure of the why to a high price on eBay. Hype plays a large part in selling records on eBay. Some days a record that sells for 60 dollars will go to the lowest bid of 5 dollars. I personally can attest to taking advantage of these hype windows, usually to fund my relocation to another state. I’m biting my nails now deciding the pawn off my copy to the highest bidder. This time to fund another relocation to Los Angeles, CA. I haven’t played it in maybe three years. There are a few songs on it that pull me back to 2008, to when I was in college, and falling for girls with different colored hair.

It’s hard to sell my records for cash, primarily because I spent so much time collecting them. This record I picked up from Shake-It Records in Cincinnati when it came out. I didn’t know the band, nor the albun. It was blind pick for sure. Perhaps I was attracted to the name of the band. They attest of naming their band after Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums, and the name Margot will always trigger nostalgia for that movie that I hold in such high regard. I remember seeing this film in theatres, and the melancholy she embodied came up in my mind every time I thought of sadness. Margot mascara in the bathtub.

Pushing hype and money aside, the record is a fairly decent one. It certainly isn’t all killer/no filler that would freeze me up completely to getting rid of it. However some of the songs pull me back six years, and that quality is worth noting.

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this is what I decided to do today. if you pretend i’m fifteen years old you might like it.

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.